line , charcoal , pastel , graphite

Winged Man, 100cm x 152cm, graphite on paper

The Beasts, 200cm x 200cm, charcoal on canvas


The Beasts is a project that aims to explore the inference of human behaviour in the mechanics of nature and ecosystems.Human intervention in nature is not an act without consequences and our actions have a noticeable impact on our wellbeing. We cannot assume the role of observers towards the changes occurring with the climate.
There is now an ethical angle on the human behaviour towards nature and the decisions that need to be taken to stop the destruction of so many diverse ecosystems.A unified political policy is now crucial when talking about the environment, although it is evident the actual lack of convictions and courage of our politicians while making decisions and imagining solutions. There is a short term, money driven approach to this issue that result in ineffective actions while looking for answers.The selling of large parts of the Amazonas for forestation is a tragic example of economic interests abating common sense and the common good.San Paulo state, that lies many kilometres south of the Amazonas, is suffering from one of the worst and longest droughts in recent years. Bad management of water supplies, contamination of rivers and the deforestation in the north of the country have contributed to a desperate situation that is affecting 20 million people in one of the richest and most productive parts of Brazil.Cutting trees in the Amazonas will eventually affect the whole world and it is just an example of the deep ties that unite the natural world and us.Humans are part of a collective spirit that communes with nature and we won’t be exempt from the consequences of abuse of resources, pollution and the extinction of species.Nature as a whole contains us and allows us to develop and progress. We are like terrorists bulldozing our own house. There is a real dependence with the environment that needs to be acknowledged, cherished and respected.
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The Faces is a project that explore questions about identity and to some degree the fallacies of first impressions and the reflections that we see of ourselves when looking at others.
The Faces are not portraits. The initial image is used as a blank surface that gains in complexity, becoming a new self. It invites the spectator to make assumptions and look for answers about who that person is. The work encourages suppositions about origin and history and wants to reflect on the complex and varied stratums that make our psyche. The evasiveness of the medium, the charcoal, mirrors quite beautifully the ambiguity of the heads, the person that has been and the one that has become.I would like to challenge the spectator to wonder and make assumptions about the work, adding another layer of meaning to these faces.
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Match Made in Heaven, 82cm x 60cm, charcoal on paper

 It Doesn’t Matter, 82cm x 60cm, charcoal on paper

We Were Left Behind, 82cm x 60cm, charcoal on paper

Ready To Go, 82cm x 60cm, charcoal on paper

Heated Conversation, 82cm x 60cm, charcoal on paper

Tainted Lips, 84cm x 60cm, charcoal and pastel on paper
Blank Mind, 84cm x 60cm, charcoal and pastel on paper
It’s not like that, 84cm x 60cm, charcoal and pastel on paper