The Summer wore on

colour and form

No moon, no fuss     17cm x 10cm

Wet sand, shingle sank     14cm x 16cm

The woodlands have drowned     14cm x 16cm

Forgotten place     12,5cm x 20cm


The wind in the silence    18,5cm x 20,5cm

A sigh of summer     18,5cm x 20,5cm

A faint odour of grasses and weeds

18,5cm x 24cm

A moonless, eerie night     24cm x 27cm

These acrylic paintings are part of a series of works that belong to the constructivism tradition. The emphasis of the composition resides in the relation and interaction of colour, line_shape and space.

They are initially line drawings that have been cut and reconstructed to define the shape. The colour after that process defines background and figure. I finally mount the finished work on card.