participation , finite art , poetry , transformation

“the result of the work is partly unknown and uncontrollable”

What the Poet Knows, installation at Charing Cross Library, 2018

What the Poet Knows is an homage to the writers and their work, the relevance of poetry and its breathless beauty, deep sorrow or wondrous humour.

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NTWRK installation
NWTRK installation  2016

Chews Words, NTWRK at The Exhibit, Balham

Chews Words is a project that exists because of an act of collaboration between the spectator and the artist. It is embedded in the tradition of edible art, and needs to be eaten by the viewer to progress and evolve. The spectator is the catalyst that shapes and makes this project.

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SoledadBustos. Burst your own bubble 1

Burst someone’s Bubble, 21 October 2014 in “Moo”, Brick Lane, at La Tundra magazine anniversary.

“Burst someone’s bubble” is an installation that will only exist for a few hours. It needs the intervention of the spectator to prick the balloons and disclose the text written below. It wants to express the power held by words and poems while generating new thoughts and changes.

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Sweet Smell of Success…  ACME Open Studios 2012

Sweet smell of success is a piece firmly based in the tradition of ephemeral art, or as I like to call it, digestible art. It is therefore, an object that has been made to be consumed during the two days of the weekend-open studios, and that will disappear at the end of the event.It is a piece that needs to be eaten to reveal the transcript written on the wall of the studio.

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