construction and colour


Selected for the VIA Arts Prize 2018


60cm x 90cm

Tilmatli is a sculpture-assemblage-collage inspired in the optical and kinetical art movement generated during the post war years in South America.
The piece, three dimensional in form, stresses the use of colour, its tonality, saturation and light to reach an effect of movement and surface fluidity. Tilmatli wants to reach certain motion in total quietness, in an optic realm where the fragility of the material, paper, and the intensity of colour make the work almost immaterial. The assemblage central core is wrapped by a cape type structure that was the primal inspiration of this work.The Aztec garment with its triangular shape defines the reason behind the folding and structure of the paper sheet in Tilmatli, and its vivid and rich coloration is grounded on the multifaceted and prolific South American op and kinetical art.
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Tell me that everything will be OK

Assemblage cardboard acrylic paint

340cm x 120cm

Charcoal Eyes

Assemblage  cardboard acrylic paint

340cm x 90cm

Tell me that everything will be OK and Charcoal Eyes are part of a series of paintings and assemblages that were initially inspired by the MeToo movement.
I want to talk about women whose confidence and inner strength reside beyond their bodies. The work relates with the resilience and self-assurance of the female psyche and the assemblage monumental quality finds its primal inspiration on the multifaceted and prolific mural tradition in Latin America. Some of the aims of the muralism movement were closely connected with an intent to get positive social changes, establishing women’s empowerment as part of the agenda and conversation. It is a significant form that serves to convey new ideas, favoring human communication and social progress. Tell me that everything will be OK and Charcoal Eyes are pieces that want to mirror in spirit those ideals while formally bringing together many elements I enjoy working with, the simplicity of the cardboard and its inherent constraints and limitations. As an added bonus it is a material that changes significantly when spray painted, swelling in the paint, absorbing willingly the pigment while becoming more substantial. Paint adds a new dimension to the work and changes considerably its physicality.  
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