Soledad Bustos completed her 5 year fine art degree at the Prilidiano Pueyrredón Art College, Buenos Aires, in 1990 and moved to London in 1993, where she has lived and worked ever since, to study at the Slade School of Art.

Her varied bodies of work include collage, painting, large-scale charcoals on canvas and installation/interactive pieces which are regularly included in group exhibitions in London, Argentina and Germany. She is a regular contributor to La Tundra Revista, the cultural and global events Spanish language magazine of London, where she writes on the arts and urbanism.


Selected publications & media

La Tundra Magazine, ARTE 3/February 2016

La Tundra Magazine, Artist Books, The Language Show/October 2015

La Tundra Magazine/July 2014 Life is Football

La tundra Magazine,issue o8/May 2013 Las viejas fabricas de Avellaneda

La tundra Magazine,Issue 07/March 2013  London,the city that…

La Tundra Magazine,issue o6/January 2013 Lo efímero

El Ibérico newspaper/July 2012 EL IBERICO 55_20120712